This Whole Time I Didn't Recognize Myself

My whole life has always been about being liked by someone. Every single thing I was doing, every thing I was "passionate" about; it was never about me. I always imagined that if I wasn't liked by my peers, I wouldn't be anything in this world. It wasn't until the end of college when I learned to accept my true self. I was able to find my true hobbies and I was able to learn more about ME. When I started to realize who I truly was, I was able to love myself more. I was able to accept who I truly was, and it was okay that people may or may not like me. What was important was that I was happy doing what I truly loved, not what people wanted me to do. 

We're too caught up in other people's opinions that we start to lose our self-identity. Maybe that's partly social media's fault that our insecurities became more apparent, especially during our teenage years. We seek for so much affirmation, that we forgot to cherish our flaws. We forgot to acknowledge that growing isn't always seamless; in fact, growth is so painful and we hinder ourselves from growing so much because it is so uncomfortable. We become morphed into this individual who we think we should be, when in fact we should be ourselves. If the people surrounding us do not like us for who we are, why did we even let them in? 

Remind yourself that you are deserving of your own love.